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Code Geass R3 Chapter 14: Back in Command

Chapter 14: Back in Command

Ohgi sighed heavily. The situation was getting out of his hand. Kallen and Suzaku were still unconscious and the searching team still wasn’t able to find Toudou. As the ex-commander of the Black Knights, he accepted to substitute them for the private meeting that Phantom requested.

“Why did I even accept,” sighed interiorly Ohgi.

He was already in the meeting room, and was waiting for Phantom’s arrival. When the new crowned hero came in, Ohgi had an instinctive feeling of fear and awkwardness. He looked up to the young man and was utterly shocked by his physical resemblance to Lelouch.

“Wh…what,” was the only smart thing Ohgi was able to say.

Lelouch responded with a quick and brief smile. Rai only looked at him with respect; he was after all the Prime Minister of Japan.

“Guards…please wait outside. I want to discuss privately with Prime Minister Ohgi,” asked Lelouch.

“We cannot fulfil your request. We are part of Prime Minister’s…,” started one of the four guards.

“Wait Toko. Listen to him I want to talk to him alone as well,” Ohgi interrupted him.

Toko, the guard, looked at Ohgi for a few seconds, before nodding and going outside, followed by the three other guards.

“Rai, stay here,” ordered Lelouch.

Rai nodded in silence.

As soon as the last guard went out, Ohgi closed and locked the door and looked straight at Lelouch’s eyes; the same purple eyes that frightened him twenty years ago, but not anymore.

“Who are you,” asked aggressively Ohgi.

“Who do you think I am,” simply answered Lelouch.

“Le…Lelouch…is that really you,” asked Ohgi, incredulous.

“Yes it is,” stated Lelouch calmly and firmly.

Ohgi suddenly slammed his hands on the table, making Rai jump by surprise.

“Don’t mess with me! I clearly saw you stabbed by Suzaku twenty years ago!”

“Twenty years ago,” thought Rai, “Isn’t that…when the Demon Prince was killed?”

“Through Geass, I’ve managed to survive,” answered Lelouch, still calm.

Ohgi frowned his eyes, unable to believe what he just said.

“Why the f*ck are you coming back now?”

“You know that as much as I do,” answered Lelouch.

Both of them stared each others for a few seconds. Ohgi then sighed and sat back down.

“What do you want,” he asked.

“Nothing. I just want to save the Requiem.”

“The Requiem?,” Rai asked himself.

“How do you expect to do that?”

“I’ll need the Black Knights.”

“I told you: don’t f*ck with me. I don’t see why I would trust you,” responded Ohgi coldly.

“You don’t have a choice, Ohgi. You’ll have to believe me. You knew about my schemes after the theatrical death of mine twenty years ago, when Zero killed me. Kallen and Suzaku are unconscious. Toudou is missing. Kaguya does not have the capability to command when it comes to military decisions. Knowing you from twenty years ago, I know you are not the commander type. Moreover, you are already full-handed with all this mess happening in Japan. You know…”

“Wait!…You are THE Lelouch Vi Britannia,” exclaimed Rai, interrupting Lelouch’s speech.

The fallen prince looked at him annoyingly, furious that he was interrupting during such important matters.

“Rai, save your questions for later, we’re busy right now. Now, as I was saying Ohgi, you need me. You don’t have much of a choice here.”
Ohgi looked very troubled. He didn’t know what to do. He bit his lower lip before answering:

“No…No Lelouch. Even if I know that what you did was for the good of the Requiem, even if I know that you’ve never used the Geass on me or the others, even if we are in a critical moment, I will not acknowledge you as the commander of the Black Knights. You’ve betrayed our trust, twenty years ago. You hid your face, your identity, your power. We cannot trust you, even if your intentions are good.”

Silence came back and Lelouch said nothing. The silence was awkward but it didn’t matter to Lelouch. He had to take action:

“Well then…Ohgi, I guess we’ll leave it to that.”

Before Ohgi could respond, Lelouch asked Rai to come closer.

“Do it.”

Rai nodded timidly and activated his Geass.

“I, Rai Kraft, command thee, Ohgi Kaname, pass thy command to Lelouch Rozenheim. Till the moment Lelouch Rozenheim does not pass thee back the command, you shall remain unconscious.”

And so the Geass was done. Ohgi signed an official paper, stating Phantom taking the power of the Black Knights, due to the fact that Zero was currently unable to command himself. Just after signing, he became unconscious and fell on the ground.

The guards, alarmed, came in after smashing the door. Lelouch activate his Geass:

“Go to sleep. All of you.”

And they snored.

“Let’s go, Rai.”

“Lelouch…are you sure we should do th…”

“Rai,” Lelouch cut him, “The Black Knights cannot survive without their heroes. And their heroes are all out. Without the Black Knights, the UFN will lose their strongest allies. The only other force that may stand up against the enemy would be the Knights of Round. However, half of them are out of battle as well. I need to take in charge of the mess I’ve created.”
Rai remained silent. Lelouch continued and looked at Ohgi:

“I had no choice but to do so, Ohgi. Twenty years ago, thousands of people died because of me. This time, I’ll stop everything before it’s too late, even if I have to overuse my Geass. This is for…the Requiem.”

Code Geass R3 Chapter 13: End and Beginning

Chapter 13: End and Beginning

Two days have passed since the Betrayal War. When all hopes seemed to have vanished for the Black Knights, Orland and his men suddenly retreated. Disoriented, the troops from the countries who betrayed the UFN didn’t know what to do and lost half of their troops in no time. The remaining troops took the wise decision to retreat to their respective country. The remaining UFN and Black Knights troops didn’t pursue them: they were too tired to continue the battle.

The UFN troops landed on the coast of Japan. Food, tents, doctors, water; every essential need were immediately sent to Japan. The Avalon was already prepared, and therefore, was the main area for emergencies and such.

Suzaku, Kallen and Chiba were still in a coma. Lily and Matthew woke up a few hours ago. Toudou was still missing. The loss was very apparent and critical. Moreover, the Zero Requiem seems to be falling apart, as the world is now separated into two parties: those supporting the Knights of Hades, and those supporting the Black Knights. The remaining UFN countries were having an emergency meeting in the main room on the Avalon.

“This is outrageous! At least a third of the UFN betrayed us,” yelled a representative from France.

Many were arguing about completely destroying them. Some suggested that the colony system would come back, but as part of the UFN and not of a country. It would therefore serve as an exploitation ground for all UFN countries. Others suggested to destroy the remaining Knights of Hades and to reintegrate the countries, as it was partly their fault: they were manipulated more than anything else.

“Silence,” yelled Kaguya.

The shouting and yelling slowly stopped.

“We will not take any rash decisions. Hatred will only create more hatred. For 20 years, there was peace because everyone was as one. That’s why…”

“To hell with that! As one, you say? They weren’t even part of the “one”! Or they would have never betrayed us!”

Uproars and yelling came back immediately and Kaguya had to wait a few minutes before continuing:

“I understand your anger. However, they had good reasons to betray us…among all of us; they were the countries that were still affected by the poverty cause during the Demon Prince’s reign.”

“Then what do you suggest us to do,” asked the representative of Spain.

“We wait for Zero’s orders. The war tired him a lot. Moreover, all of our soldiers need to rest. There’s no need to rush,” concluded Kaguya.

Meanwhile, Lelouch and his men were given a secluded area, far from the other soldiers.

“Were you able to track Mark’s location,” asked Rai.

“No, I’ve putted a transmitter in every Knightmare that we have. Even if the Knightmare was destroyed, I could’ve still tracked it,” answered Lelouch, still searching through his laptop.

“You have any idea where he can be,” asked Rai.

“Yeah, I have my idea,”

“Then are we waiting?! We should go and get him out of there now,” exploded Rai.

Lelouch stopped and looked at him.

“Rai, they have at least 3 Geass users and an unknown number of Neo-Geass users. We can’t just rush in there,” explained Lelouch very calmly.

“Then when would we be ready,” asked Rai, clenching his teeth.

“When we’ll have enough manpower to counterattack,” answered Lelouch, “Have some patience.”

Rai grumbled a few words and went back to his tent. Lelouch then contacted Villeta.

“Villeta, bring all the kids here. I’ve sent a few Knightmares and transportations.”

“Got it. Lelouch, is Ohgi and Mark alright,” asked Villeta, worried.

“Ohgi is fine…As for Mark, he most probably has been captured by the enemy,” Lelouch answered very slowly.


Lelouch tried to explain himself but Villeta didn’t give him that chance:

“You said he would be fine!”

“Calm down Villeta! We also have hostages. We can do an exchange later on. Right now, I need you to bring all the students. I’ll be meeting with the Black Knights soon, and I’ll need you as a witness.”

“But Mark…!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get him back,” concluded Lelouch and saying to himself: “I still need him to beat Orland.”

Lelouch then closed the channel.

“So, what do you intend to do now,” asked C.C, walking in his tent.

“I’m going to create a division capable of confronting Orland and his Geass users.”

“Where are you going to find the candidates?”

“Orland has half of the men I chose.”

“So, what do you intend to do now,” C.C asked again.

“Where do you think Orland would be hiding, right now,” asked Lelouch, rather than answering C.C’s question.

C.C remained silent.

“Yes, C World. The strongest link with the C World is the portal on Kamejima Island. The war was just a diversion, while a few others of Orland comrades would try to fix the portal. I’ll go rescue the hostages there with Rai.”

“So, what do I do then?”

“You’ll train Lily and Matthew to control their Geass, as soon as they are ready to receive it,” replied Lelouch.

“So they’ll be part of the division as well?”

“Indeed. I need as many Geass users as possible to beat Orland.”

“Why do you think Orland wanted to go to the C World,” asked C.C.

“I’m not sure…maybe he wants to complete Charles’ plan, or maybe he has other plans.

Lelouch’s channel opened. It was a call from the Black Knights.

“Phantom, the Black Knights are ready for the meeting. Please come to the Avalon. We’ll have a soldier waiting for you at the door. He’ll be bringing you to the meeting room. Also, if you wish, you can also bring one of your men with you.”

“Got it,” answered Lelouch before ending the conversation. “Ah C.C, I almost forgot. When Elen arrives, she’ll be training with you as well.”

Lelouch then called Rai.

“Rai, you’re coming with me. We’re going to the Avalon.”

“What for?”

“We’re having a meeting with the Black Knights.”

“Seriously,” said Rai, awed, “You mean, like THE Black Knights?”

“Don’t get so pumped,” answered Lelouch, amused, “Because the meeting’s going to be a ruckus…a big one.

Code Geass Chapter 12: Weak

Chapter 12: Weak

“Ho…how is this possible,” asked Lelouch, awed.

“Nii-san,” said Rolo.

“R…Rolo…is that really you?”

“Yes, Nii-san,” said Rolo, coldly.

Without further explanation, Rolo’s Knightmare rushed towards him, his double lance in front. Luckily, C.C, in the Knightmare, yelled:

“Lelouch, look out!”

Lelouch snapped out of it just in time and took a step backwards. However, he completely forgot Euphemia’s Knightmare, who got behind him and attacked him as well. At that point, Lelouch was completely on his guards, but he wasn’t fast enough to dodge the Knightmare’s attack, which costed him an arm.

“Rolo! Euphy! What are you guys doing,” asked Lelouch, shocked.

“What does it seem like we’re doing, Lelouch,” said Euphemia.

“Why,” yelled Lelouch.

“Why, you asked,” said Rolo, in a raging voice, “Because you killed us!”

Those last words struck Lelouch so hardly that he momentarily stopped moving.

“Lelouch, careful,” yelled C.C, “they’re attacking!”

Seeing no reaction from Lelouch, she pushed him aside and took control of the Shinkirou. Though she didn’t know how to use the Absolute Defense Territory, she was still able to make the Knightmare move.

“Lelouch, snap out of it right now,” cried out C.C, “We’re going to get destroyed!”

But Lelouch was still in some kind of trance. The memories were flowing in his head, one after another. The pain memory of shooting Euphemia, the regret of not being able to control his Geass, the regret of wanting to kill Rolo; all of those memories came back.

While Lelouch was in his trance, C.C was trying her best to manoeuvre the Shinkirou. However, not being an expert on Knightmares on the first place, she quickly lost the second arm of the Shinkirou.

“Lelouch, if you don’t snap out of it now, we’re really going to die,” said C.C, panicking.

Just when they were about to get the finishing blow, Rai came and blocked the two attacks. He immediately shot out his missiles to keep the enemy far away from Lelouch.

“Phantom, what are you doing?!”

“Damn that pesky pilot! Who does he think he is, attacking us with a Burai,” said Leanne, “Now he’s dead.”

As soon as she said those words, Leanne activated her Geass on him.

“Phantom, what’s wrong,” asked Rai again.

Seeing no answer from him, he decided to bring him far away from the frontline. As he was about to use his smoke grenades, he heard a voice.


“That voice…it sounds so familiar,” thought Rai, while clicking the “smoke grenade” button.

Finally recognizing the voice, Rai momentarily stopped his Knightmare and turned around.

“M…mother,” realized Rai, “Mother…?”

With the smoke grenade he just threw, he couldn’t see anything. Suddenly, Leanne’s Knightmare came out from his right, which completely caught him off guard. Leanne took out his spear and targeted Rai’s Knightmare’s legs. Just snapping out from his mom’s voice, Rai couldn’t dodge the attack and lost both legs.

“Mom? What are you doing,” said Rai, panicking.

“Mom?,” said Lelouch, perplexed, “Mom? Wasn’t it…”

He stopped and thought for a few seconds. He knew exactly what was going on. He suddenly took control of the Shinkirou and opened his chest mounted cannon*

*Real name is WAY too long… “Diffusion Structure Phase Transition Cannon”

“Wh…what are you doing, Lelouch,” asked C.C.

“I’m surprised you still haven’t figured out their trick yet, C.C,” replied Lelouch with a mocking voice.


“I’ll show you.”

Lelouch shot his Zero Beam** towards Rai’s mom’s Knightmare. She easily dodged it.

**Yes, it’s really called Zero Beam

“Phantom, what are you doing,” yelled Rai, “That’s my mom.”

“Rai, calm down. It’s not your mom. It’s an illusion.”

“An…illusion,” asked C.C and Rai at the same time.

Lelouch opened a conversation on the open channel.

“We know you’re an illusion. You won’t trick me anymore.”

As soon as he said that, the illusions disappeared and revealed Leanne and Ludama.

“Nice one,” admired Ludama, “How did you figure it out?”

“I thought of many possibilities, but what really killed your trick was to use your power on two people.”

“Tche! I told you to keep your illusion on Phantom, you idiot,” yelled Ludama to her sister.

“The other dude was pissing me off,” replied Leanne, enraged as well.

“Your Geass’s power is to create illusions. The problem is, you cannot control the illusion. Your Geass will automatically search in our hearts for our greatest regret, or our greatest desire. That’s why you can only use it on one person at a time. I do not have the same regret nor desire as my soldier,” continued Lelouch.

“Gea…who told you about this power,” asked Ludama, shocked.

“No one. Because I have it as well.”

Before the enemy can reply, Rai activated his Geass:

“I command both of you; stop your Knightmares.”

“Oh, and tell them to shut up,” added Lelouch.

“Oh, right, both of you, shut up as well,” added Rai in his order.
Both of them immediately stopped flying and fell on the ground.

“What are we going to do about them,” asked Rai.

“We’ll keep them as prisoners. I’ll need information on their hideout. Where are Mark and Orland?”

“Well…we were fighting him when suddenly; he threw a flash grenade and flew away. Mark pursued him while I came to help you.”

“I…see,” said Lelouch, thinking why Orland would run away. Surely he also had some kind of Geass. He could have easily fought two Knightmares.

“Bring them back to the HQ. I’ll go see how the fight’s going between the Knights of Round and the three remaining Knights of Hades.”

“What about your arms?”

“I’ll be fine. I’ll attack them from long range. I don’t really have the time to go back to the HQ.”

“Got it then. Careful out there.”

“Of course,” said Lelouch and he flew towards the other battle.

Lelouch arrived at the other battle in merely a minute. However, he arrived and saw no battles. Surprised, he looked for a sign of the Knights of Round. He didn’t find anyone. Suddenly, his Factsphere sensed a sign of three sign of life on the ground. He quickly descended and found the Mordred and an enemy Knightmare completely destroyed. He came out of his Knightmare and searched for Anya. After a few minutes, he found her under a pile of metal.

“C.C! I need your help!”

Rather than coming out, she took control of the Shinkirou and used its feet to kick all the junk away.

“Err…thanks,” grumbled Lelouch.

“Anya! Anya, wake up,” Lelouch gently shook her.


“She’s still alive,” thought Lelouch, relieved, “Anya! Where are the other Knights?”

“Hmmm…taken…they…danger,” mumbled Anya before fainting.

“Anya. Anya! Damn it…so they lost their battle,” thought Lelouch,”I can most probably to an exchange of hostage with Orland later on.”

“Lelouch, they just said that the enemy has retreated from both sides on the transmitter,” said C.C.

“Just in time,” thought Lelouch, “OK then. We’ll head back to the other battlefield and get Suzaku and the rest of the gang.”

He went towards the next Knightmare and was surprised to find Matthew and Lily on the ground.

“What are they doing here? I thought that they were under the Black Knight’s surveillance,” Lelouch frowned.